Seasonal Spring or Fall Mini Deluxe Deep Clean


Choosing the right type of service to be performed in your home is the only way to have a successful outcome when you hire a cleaning service. If you purchase less service than you need, you will be disappointed with the results, no matter who you hire, and our goal is always to have happy, satisfied families.  We take pride in the quality of our services and satisfaction in leaving a job done well and completely.  It is for this reason, that we strongly recommend you start with a Healthy Home Reset Deluxe Deep Cleaning for your first service visit.


A Seasonal Spring or Fall Mini Deluxe Deep Clean is only recommended if you’ve have professional cleaning within the last six to eight weeks, or as an add-on to your regularly scheduled Ongoing Scheduled Maintenance Cleaning service.


Seasonal Cleans are a chance to get caught up on & tackle those areas that generally are not included in a home that is otherwise well maintained by an ongoing professional cleaning service or regular cleans done by yourself.  It hits all of those areas that aren’t always noticed,  need a little more attention from time to time with a deeper clean in order to maintain the cleanest & healthiest home possible.


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