Home Sweet Home Care & Cleaning is a female owned and operated business. Jill is a Jacksonville/Orange Park resident and has a background in interior design and graphic design and is also the owner/operator of Sweet Diva MJ. As a homeschooling mom, Jill chose to put her family first and developed a home based business plan that would allow her to pursue an income while offering her the flexibility in her schedule she desired. As she later found herself being in the role of a single mom with three teenagers, Jill expanded her business and Home Sweet Home was born. Her love of family and her passion for making a house a home for those we hold most dear fuel her passion for creating and maintaining not only a beautiful, but also a healthy, clean and welcoming home environment. She believes our homes should be a sanctuary for those that live within them and experiences a great deal of satisfaction in helping other families make that possible in their homes as well.